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RG29 1QT, GB

RAF Odiham will once again host one of the races in the RAF Triathlon Try-a-Tri Sprint Series. Please read the full detailed description of the event.

RAF Odiham is a BTF sanctioned event and the first race in the RAF Triathlon Try-a-Tri Sprint Series.  The Sprint Series events are only open to military personnel, dependants, MoD civil servants and UAS cadets.  Emergency service personnel may compete by invitation only, and should approach the Deputy Race Director at the earliest opportunity ( to inform their intent to participate.

Limited entries will be accepted on the day, but the event cannot exceed capacity.  Personnel intending to enter on the day should first approach the Deputy Race Director ( to confirm eligibility.  Cash payment will not be accepted, payments on the day will be by cheque only with a valid F1250 ID Card.

Relay entries are welcomed rules for which are available in the Coordinating Instruction available on the RAF Triathlon Association website (

Race Dates.  Wednesday 4th May 2016

Race VenueRAF Odiham 

Race Distances. 400m indoor pool swim, 25km single lap bike ride, and 5km out and back run.

Key times:

0930-1130: Registration and transition open.

1230: Race Briefing.

1300: Transition closes, first competitors start.

TBC: Transition re-opens.

1600: Prize giving. 

Race Registration (Competitor Responsibilities)

Registration (Competitor responsibilities). At registration, competitors are to bring:

Documentation.  Race confirmation e-mail, race licence (where applicable) and F1250 ID Card.

Civilians.  Civilians are also required to produce a completed race declaration form at Appendix 1 to the Coordinating Instruction available on the RAF Triathlon Association Website.

Couple of "Hot" BTF rules

The Sprint Series is a BTF sanctioned race and will be assessed to BTF standards, a comprehensive list of the rules are available on the BTF website.  Competitors should specifically note the following:

Helmet chin-straps are to be tight enough to fit 2 of the athletes fingers into the closed straps.  This will be checked at event registration entry so please have your helmet ready.

No calf guards (or lower leg coverings) in the pool.  You can put them on in transition after water exit.

Clothing with front fastening zips are to be fully fastened.

RAF Triathlon Sprint Series Rules

To increase the accessibility of the event and encourage novice participation, the following rules specific to the RAF Triathlon Sprint Series will be enforced:

Time Trial Bikes are not be permitted.

No time trial bars in any form.

Wheels are to be the same and are to be no deeper than 60mm.

Tear drop (aero) helmets will not be permitted.

So what is permitted?

A standard road bike set up that you would expect at road racing.  Only traditional road handlebars which must be plugged.

Mountain bikes / cross bikes are permitted as they conform to the rules above.

Helmets must be BSI, ANSI, Snell or equivalent standard.

Race Briefing

The race briefing will be at 1230hrs am sharp. This should not be missed as it will provide information specific to the event, including updates, clarification of rules and ensure that your race is as safe as possible. Any appropriate rules will be discussed at this point. If any competitors have any queries about the race then this is the time to ask the race referee or organizer:

Swim 400m (16 lengths)Competitors will be started in waves at 5min intervals at the deep end of the pool.  The start list and competitor start time will be confirmed at registration, and a printout of the start list will also be placed in the pool window. Please wear the provided swim hat at all times.  Any recognised stroke is permitted. When a competitor has completed 14 lengths of the pool a sign with a large 2 on it will be placed in the water in their lane - they will then have two more lengths to swim. Ultimate responsibility for counting the number of lengths rests with the competitor.

Cycle 25km.  (route available at

Helmets.  Helmets must be fastened before mounting the cycle, worn at all times during the cycling section of the event, and not unfastened until the cycle has been returned to its original position (FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A TIME PENALTY).

Assistance.  Any assistance other than that provided by the organisers will result in a penalty. Competitors are NOT ALLOWED TO DRAFT! The cycle draft zone is defined as a rectangle surrounding every competitor that is 3m wide and extends 10m behind the front wheel of a competitor’s cycle.

Road Safety.  Competitors must obey all traffic signals and follow any directions given by the race marshals or officials.  Any infringement of the law and subsequent legal action is the sole responsibility of the competitor.

Run 5km.  The run route available is at

When & Where

4 May 2016



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RG29 1QT, GB

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